We are very excited to welcome our players and community back for Opening Day and the Grand Re-Opening of the Warren Municipal Field Complex! 


Before getting into the details about Opening Day, we’d like to provide an update on the renovation project that took place last summer. As you may recall, WBSI partnered with Warren Township on a $300,000 facility renovation project that yielded the most significant improvements to our complex in more than 25 years. Prior to the completion of the project, much of the infield soil had eroded away, leaving the surfaces uneven and much sandier than they should be. Additionally, large “lips” had formed at the boundaries of the infield and outfield which occasionally caused balls to take extreme bounces. Last summer, all 5 fields were leveled and upgraded with new infield mix. The infield mix—what most of us would think of as just dirt—is actually made up of a very precise combination of sand, silt, and clay that allows for excellent drainage, reduced erosion, and dust control. In addition, field M3 now has a grass infield that should give players a feeling of playing ball like the Yankees and Mets! Drainage around the complex was also improved to divert water away from the fields and help minimize standing water. We’ve added tarps for the pitching and home plate areas of each field which will also help reduce erosion and standing water. That means fewer games will be postponed! Every field at the complex now has a new app-controlled scoreboard and Snack Shack repairs have refreshed its appearance and alleviated a few safety concerns.

We’re thrilled that the community’s children will be able to enjoy playing ball on these new surfaces for years to come. WBSI would like to extend its most sincere thank you to the families, sponsors, and supporters who made these improvements possible! 

Here are a few things to keep in mind on Opening Day and during the season: 

With a full slate of games happening on Saturday, parking may be scarce. Please plan accordingly. To avoid a parking violation, please do not park along Bardy Road or on the sides of the road that leads to the DPW. Only park in lined parking spots near the fields or near the Elks Club. 

Please arrive on time for your child’s photo session on M6. There are 42 teams and over 500 players. The schedule was created to avoid overcrowding at the photo area and to ensure each team could get their pictures taken prior to their game…so their uniforms will be nice and clean! You can find your child’s photo session time on TeamSnap.


Please keep in mind that the main goals of youth baseball and softball are skill development and fun. While the games can be exciting, we ask that everyone keep that excitement friendly and not unnecessarily tense. Arguing with umpires or opposing coaches/fans and profanity will not be tolerated. Remember, this is a kid’s game! Please review our Parent code of conduct here.


A special thank you to our coaches, team parents, sponsors, and ALL our volunteers! Without your help we wouldn’t be able to provide this opportunity for the children of our community.


Play ball!! 


Michael Ohlson & the WBSI Board of Trustees


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